Outsourcing Your Cleaning Could Benefit Your Business

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning Could Benefit Your Business

If you run a small to medium sized office you may not currently have an office cleaning company, relying instead on staff members to keep things fresh and tidy. There are several reasons why outsourcing your cleaning could benefit your entire business, and actually save you money in the long run. Here are six reasons why outsourcing could be the right move for you.

1. Your business can focus on things that generate revenue

The core competencies of a business are those activities that bring in revenue. Whatever line of business you are in, emptying bins, dusting, cleaning restrooms and other housekeeping related tasks generally will not benefit the bottom line. While maintaining a clean and sanitized office is important to business, it is a function that can be easily and affordably outsourced to a cleaning company. Outsourcing your office cleaning allows you to re-direct the payroll cost spent on internal cleaning staff, to recruiting and retaining employees whose talents directly contribute to the organisation's success.

2. Reduces Cost

In-sourcing your office cleaning is almost like running a small business within your business. Funds must be allocated to the purchase of equipment like vacuum cleaners, cleaning products and supplies. Employees must also be hired to perform the cleaning and supervisory staff must be provided to monitor the work and ensure control quality. In addition to that, there are salaries, insurance, holiday pay and benefits that must be paid to employees. These costs quickly add up.

When office cleaning is outsourced to a cleaning company, those costs are absorbed by the contractor. The cleaning company provides the equipment, supplies and staff to perform the work. Since the cleaning staff would be employees of the cleaning company, you would be relieved from the additional expense of wages, benefits and also arranging holiday cover.

3. Reliability and Stability of Service

When your office cleaning is outsourced to a cleaning company you have peace of mind knowing that your office will be cleaned every day as scheduled. You don`t have to worry about who will do the cleaning if an employee calls in sick, takes a holiday or resigns from employment. A cleaning company will have the staff
resources available to ensure that the cleaning service is provided in a reliable, consistent manner all year round. Some services even provide a 24-hour service which gives you the flexibility to have an on demand cleaning service for emergencies, after hours and weekends.

4. Access to a wide variety of services

Outsourcing your office cleaning to a professional office cleaning company gives you access to many additional cleaning services with just a phone call. There is no need to deal with multiple contractors for carpet cleaning, window cleaning or any other general maintenance issues. A full service cleaning company will be able to perform all of these maintenance services and more. As an added value many providers offer a planned maintenance schedule and will perform the required maintenance at pre-planned intervals. This relieves you from the added burden of having to plan for these services and ensures that your premises will be maintained in the best condition possible.

5. Morale

In an office that doesn`t have a dedicated cleaning service , the job usually falls on the shoulders of administrative staff or members of staff with less significant positions. While an administrative assistant or secretary is usually aware that their role can involve many varied tasks, cleaning the office can often make this person`s other skills feel unimportant, or make them feel as though they are not highly valued within the company. If your company has a rota where everyone takes a turn in cleaning, opportunity for arguments and resentment are bound to arise.

Either way, there is potential for low morale on staff, which can only have a negative effect on business. Unless your business is a cleaning company, keeping the office tidy is not the job of your staff, and in hiring a specialised company to take on the cleaning, you are letting your workforce know that you value their efforts in other areas too much to have them spending their work time cleaning. Feeling valued is one of the most powerful motivators at work, and you will notice a marked improvement in productivity when members of staff can forget about vacuuming and focus on their jobs.

6. Quality

No matter how efficient your staff are with a duster or vacuum, a professional commercial cleaning service can, and will do a better job. They have specialised, high quality equipment and cleaning products and years of experience in keeping places spick and span. The look of an office says a lot about the business itself and the impression you put out to your clients should be one of cleanliness, organisation and professionalism. A good cleaning company can ensure that your office is permanently kept in this state and you can rest assured that waste bins will be emptied, the staff kitchen will be clean and sanitised making it a pleasant place to eat, and the toilets will be thoroughly sanitised.