Factory & High Level

AIS Contract Cleaners provides the all-in-one solution to High-level and factory cleaning, as a one-off or on a contract basis.
When you own a high level building, such as a factory or a gymnasium, it’s important to keep it clean. Dust and mites can gather in the crevices and the beams of buildings, and if they’re not regularly cleaned, this could affect allergies, cause odours and pose health risks to you, your employees and your customers.
However, as you can imagine, normal cleaning services won’t cover high rise cleaning. It’s important that you utilize a service that will provide you with efficient, top quality cleaning services scheduled at your convenience. At AIS Contract Cleaners, you can receive this high quality, customer focused service. 
  • Factory & High Level Cleaning

    Food manufacturing hygiene is one of the most critical factors in any food manufacturing operation. It’s something you just can’t afford to get wrong, which is why food manufacturers tend to contract out their cleaning services only to specialist cleaning operators.  In many food and beverage companies, production and technical managers are constantly striving to introduce ever-more sophisticated hygiene regimes, and to keep up with the changing demands of production and customer demands.  Changes in production techniques are often matched in the hygiene field, whether it be testing new chemicals, or trialing new equipment on the market.

    At AIS contract cleaners our own specialist teams of expert manufacturing cleaners, who understand what’s at stake, and have the skills and technology to ensure you keep pace with the public’s demand for ever-higher standards, and the evolving regulatory regime. We undertake high level cleans in schools, halls, gymnasiums, factories and other difficult access areas we organise all relevant towers, scaffold and machinery both 110 volt and 240 volt which are delivered and erected on site.

  • Factory & High Level Safety

    With all such operations, safety is a high priority the company you use is required to have adequate insurance, paperwork, and adhere to HSE requirements. You can be assured that our company has the resources and experience to execute the task professionally and above all safely.

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