Carpet & Upholstery

How often do you clean your carpets? Like most people, you most likely hoover probably once a week. Do you assume that’s all you need to do?
Often the answer is yes! Well, think again – Carpets need more than a quick weekly vacuum. Your carpets don’t just hold visible dirt; there is an entire range of dirt and dust within the carpet that isn’t immediately obvious. As time passes, carpets build up bacteria, grit and stains. This means that your carpet doesn’t just look dirty and unattractive. It could become unhygienic, and even start to exude unpleasant odours.
At AIS Contract Cleaners, we offer a professional carpet cleaning service, with modern, powerful, effective carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Carpet & Upholstery Service

    Over the last 30 years we have established an excellent reputation of providing quality service with superior carpet cleaning at affordable prices.

    Commercial and office carpets benefit from regular cleaning, be it yearly, quarterly or monthly, where higher levels of hygiene are required. For instance, canteens, hospitals and care facilities can all benefit from scheduled cleaning. With the variety of harmful substances that can get mixed into a carpet, the removal of these substances will not only prolong its life but also help to minimise allergic reactions and present a clean, fresh, healthy environment for yourself, staff and customers.
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Systems

    We provide two systems for the effective cleaning of carpets and tiles to suit all home, commercial and office contracts. 

    We operate the following carpet cleaning systems

    Texatherm carpet cleaning system

    A noiseless dry cleaning process by exothermic reaction which creates a capillary action drawing dirt and stains from the fibres leaving carpets fresh and dry in 30 minutes

    Hot water extraction system

    A hot water injection system with agitation roller to clean deep into the fibres together with powerful extraction pump to withdraw dirt and moisture leaving carpets dry within a few hours of cleaning. The carpet cleaning products used are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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